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Top 3 things that you can ALWAYS bring to a party!

So, you have been invited to a house party and you are not 100% sure what the host would like or needs you to bring. Here are my top 3, never fail, every party needs more of, your host will always be happy contributions.

#1 is ALWAYS Ice! There is never enough ice and it is the item I ask my guests to grab on their way over 90% of the time. At about $3 a bag its super affordable and everyone loves cold drinks!

#2 Cookies! Lets face it, cookies make everyone happy! The next time you are invited to someones home for a party or get together pop on over to your local grocery store or favorite bakery and pick out some super yummy and pretty cookies for your host. Super, Extra bonus points if you are talented in the baking department and you whip up a batch yourself the night before!

#3 is Wine! In all my years of party planning NO ONE has ever said to me..."this is just too much wine, what am i going to do?" NEVER! It is always appropriate to bring a bottle as a gift for your host or as a contribution to the party. Don't stress out too much about what kind to bring...unless your friends are Sommeliers! Then, just bring extra cookies! A nice California Pinot Noir or Chardonnay is a perfect choice.

The next time you are on your way to a party at someones home make the 5 minute stop at the local store and grab a bag of ice and some cookies or wine and I promise you will be on the top of every ones must invite list!


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